Dog Handling Service

We are one of the few security firms in the UK that can provide a security dog handling service without relying on subcontractors.

Our security guards benefit from additional security and support from dog handling services, which operate as a deterrent and protective mechanism.

The dog handlers at PGFM LTD are professionals at working with properly trained security dogs, and they have extensive expertise using the animals to boost security presence and prevent security problems.

Our dog handlers may be deployed on a wide range of projects, from broad open spaces to smaller, high-profile sites that require extra protection

All rounded Protection

Discover the unmatched security and peace of mind offered by Professional Guarding Facilities Management's Dog Handling Service. Our highly trained and certified canine units, paired with skilled handlers, provide an exceptional level of security that goes beyond traditional methods.

With a keen sense of smell and acute instincts, our specially trained dogs are adept at detecting intruders, narcotics, explosives, and other prohibited items. Alongside our expert handlers, they form a formidable team capable of swiftly responding to any security threat


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