Through teamwork, openness, and innovation, provide great service to all of our customers.

Developing our staff and business partners at the same time.


“To Accomplish our Objectives, Creating a Safer Haven for All”, the responsible way to safeguard your business 24/7. To provide best in class security solution. Professional Guarding Facilities Management Limited is a leading provider of Manned Security services in the UK. We are committed to excellence and provide tailored solution that are both pro-active and re-active leaving you to concentrate on your core Activities of running your business.


To Bring Out The Best In Everyone

We treat our staff with the utmost respect; and encourage them to share their ideas and opinions. Our staff at PGFMLtd. have helped the company grow using the knowledge they have gained over their years working in the Security industry

To Get Everyone Working Together

We hold regular operations meetings and invite some site-based staff to participate in the meeting, this way they get to have an input. All managers encourage their staff to gain experience through training courses and across training in other positions within the company.

To Be The Best In The Industry

We understand our changing market, set clear performance standards, encourage people to make decisions and solve problems quickly.


Why Choose Us ?

Professional Guarding Facilities Management Ltd stands out for its unparalleled expertise, offering tailored security solutions designed to meet the unique needs of each client. With years of industry experience, our highly trained professionals prioritize reliability, punctuality, and customer satisfaction. We leverage cutting-edge technology to enhance the effectiveness of our services, ensuring the safety and security of our clients' assets. 

Client Centric Approach

We prioritize building long-lasting partnerships with our clients

Holistic Security

We don't just offer security services; we provide comprehensive solutions

Value for Money

Cost effective solutions that provide unparalleled value for money.

What we offer ?

Our Comprehensive Security Solutions

Discover the peace of mind that comes with Professional Guarding Facilities Management Ltd. From manned guarding to CCTV monitoring, our tailored services ensure the safety of your assets. Trust us to safeguard what matters most to you.


Be Aware of All Events

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